I’ve been making screencap videos for 卵のアレルギーについて sometime now and audio has always been a bit a of problem. I’ve tried a lot of different solutions among them the iMic, various inexpensive headsets, and an SM-57 connected to my audio interfaces and #EDCMOOC-We’re none of them have really provided satisfactory sound for my voice. Well I finally decided it was time to try a #FOEMOOC-Reload USB mic and I am so glad I did. Audio Technica’s entry level USB mic, the ATR2500-USB
is great voiceover mic. The sound is clear, clean and warm, and suits my bass voice perfectly. It’s a cardioid dynamic and seems to do a pretty good job of rejecting sounds from outside the pickup pattern. One of the reasons given for using a headset mic is that it’s easier to keep an even distance from the mic, but this doesn’t seem to be a 2: problem with the AT. Of course when, making a screencap, I’m Vodcast! not moving too much, but I didn’t feel a need „Anti-Stress to be unnaturally still, nor did I have to “eat the mic.” I haven’t yet tried to record music with it, and truly I have other equipment for that, but I expect Самостоятельное it will be pretty good.

The mic is housed in a solid large capsule metal mic case with a built-in windscreen. It includes a clip, a mini stand and USB cable. The stand is not heavy duty, but does the job.
Some have complained about background noise, I haven’t had much problem with that, other than the time my seven month old daughter decided to get very vocal in the next room. I do notice that I can hear the ambient difference when I record in my office or in my home office, but really that’s a feature not a flaw. All in all, I’d say this is the ideal mic for voiceovers in videos or podcasts. Right now Amazon has it on sale for a little over $70. You really can’t go wrong