The Music Technology Education Conference (@mtec2103) is in Melbourne at Yarra Valley Grammar School this year. It’s a great biannual conference and they really pull out the stops, featuring keynote speakers from the US and Australia and lots of great sessions from presenters from as far away as Scandinavia and me (Singapore.) There are as many as 10 ninety minute sessions running simultaneously. So over the three days there’s a lot of great information being

Keynote presenter Scott Watson @scott_watson set the tone with teaching creativity with technology. His project -based learning concepts are a great model for designing your own curriculum and his enthusiasm is infectious. Check out his book from Oxford Press. Pretty impressive job of overcoming the jet lag, too.

My first session, on Jamming with the iPad, was a lot of fun for me and I hope for those who attended. We got started a little late and had a few minor technical issues, so it ended up being about 70 instead of 90 minutes, There were about 35 in a pretty small room, mostly beginners, but all enthusiastic. We went through most the instruments and then practiced jamming on a blues before finishing by creating an original “awesome” four chord song in small groups. We weren’t able to do much with wifi as there were too many iPads in too small a space, but we did get a chance to show how it works.

Looking forward to day 2 and Barb Freedman’s @musicedtech keynote.