I’m pleased to announce I am now a member of the international faculty for Flipped Learning Global Initiative. We’ve been through an intense process that has led to the final group of about 30 educators from around the world who have been certified and trained to become leaders in flipped learning.

Many of you have probably heard of flipped learning.  Many of you may also think of it as watching videos at home and doing homework in class. While that’s where it started, it’s moved far beyond that now.  Basically, it’s a way to foster active learning in the classroom, and to make better use of both the student’s and teacher’s time. It also changes the teacher’s role to coach and allows for developing stronger relationships with your students, something we all know is a key to good teaching and learning.

I’ve been using flipped learning with PBL for almost a decade and I can tell you it transformed my classrooms. Check out my blog post on flipping music classes on the FLGI site. Please contact me if you’re interested in training or consultation about flipped learning or project-based learning.